Meet Jason Polk, LCSW, LAC

Hello, I’m Jason Polk, therapist and owner of Colorado Relationship Recovery. I decided to become a couple therapist as a result of my own painful divorce.

I have been to several hours of couple therapy as a client, and I have experienced what has and hasn’t worked for me.

Because of these experiences, I decided I wanted to help couples by providing effective couple therapy.

Thus, my personal relationship journey hasn’t been smooth. In past relationships, I functioned from a me-first orientation with the unexamined fear that if I don’t put myself first, I may lose my self and autonomy.

I also functioned from an unexamined belief that things such as dependence and vulnerability are inferior to things such as self-reliance and independence.

I consider myself to be in “relational recovery.” This means that I adhere to a relationship-first orientation where I value self-reliance as well as dependence and vulnerability. Relational recovery means empowering my wife so she is able to give me what I want. It also means working to go with my second instinct when triggered and not indulging in anger, but leading with vulnerability.

I’m married to my wonderful wife Jessica. We are blessed to have a beautiful daughter and I’m grateful that I’m able to apply my relational recovery to my marriage. Although we have difficulties and conflict, our relationship has been life-affirming and a source of personal confidence.

The health of my marriage makes me believe that if I can do so, so can you.

Thank you for visiting!

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