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    My name is Jason Polk, and I’m a relationship counselor, coach, and owner of Colorado Relationship Recovery.

    My passion is helping couples build harmonious, thriving relationships.

    I’ve been in hopeless places in past relationships. I’ve gone through a divorce. I know the hurt of disconnection, the sadness of confusion, whether it’s occurred gradually or suddenly.

    My past painful experiences with relationships have motivated me to help couples avoid similar anguish.

    I’m a Level II PACT (psychobiological approach to couple therapy) therapist, certified in RLT (relational life therapy), and certified Clini-Coach®.

    In addition, I’m certified by the Healing Our Core Issues Institute (HOCII) and a featured therapist on the Healing Trauma Network.

    What does that mean to you?

    Basically, I’ve spent a lot of money and time learning how to help you have a healthy relationship with yourself and your partner.

    During my journey towards relational health, I’ve been able to reflect on things I’ve done wrong. I’ve also been fortunate enough to learn from these missteps and put my relationship first.

    Now I’m happily married.

    If I can do it, so can you!

    Jason was recently interviewed by Authority Magazine

    The subject of the interview was authenticity and vulnerability. 

    “We learn that we’re OK. If we practice authenticity and vulnerability, we learn that it’s through our imperfections that we find connection. In other words, we’re not broken, we’re human.”

    Jason was recently featured in Brainz.

    This title of the article was:

    3 Common Childhood Factors That Create Inflated Self-Esteem In Adults

    “No one is born inherently better than or less than anyone else. We all have inherent worth that fundamentally can’t be added to or taken away from. If we have inflated or deflated self-esteem, it’s a product of our environment.”

    Exerpt in the Icy Tales

    6.3 Vulnerability: Strengthening Connections Through Shared Emotions

    “A simple definition of vulnerability is sharing emotions – not anger, but below it – that are real to you. Life can be challenging as humans, and sharing our challenges with someone we trust is sharing vulnerability.

    It has the potential to bring people closer together and create emotional intimacy. It also has the potential to eliminate assumptions in moments of silence.”  

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    The Podcast!

    I’m always seeking answers and ways to avoid disharmony and have a harmonious and passionate relationship.  

    I interview relationship experts, and I share things I’ve learned as well!

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