Meet Jason Polk, LCSW, LAC

Hello, I am Jason Polk, therapist and owner of Colorado Relationship Recovery. I decided to become a couple therapist as a result of my own painful divorce. I have been to several hours of couple therapy as a client, and I have experienced what has and hasn’t worked in the therapy office. Because of my experience as a client and my eventual divorce, I decided I wanted to help couples avoid this painful experience.

Thus, my personal relationship journey has not been smooth. In past relationships, I functioned from a me-first orientation with the unexamined fear that if I don’t put myself first, I may lose my self and autonomy in the relationship. I also functioned from an unexamined belief that things such as dependence, vulnerability, and the expression of feelings are inherently inferior to things such as self-reliance and independence.

I consider myself to be in “relational recovery.” This means that I adhere to a relationship-first orientation where I value my independence, but at the same time value dependence, showing vulnerability, and expressing feelings. Relational recovery also means empowering my wife so she is able to give me what I want. This is a form of “enlightened selfishness.” Although I’m not perfect and I will fail from time-to-time, relational recovery means that I actively work to go with my second instinct when triggered. It also means that I take care of myself mentally so I’m more likely to do that.

I am currently married to my wonderful wife Jessica. We are blessed to have a beautiful daughter. I am grateful that I am able to apply my relational recovery and my training in couple therapy to my current marriage. Although we have difficulties and conflict, our relationship has been life-affirming and a source of personal confidence. The health of my marriage makes me believe that if I can do, so can you.

If you would like to hear more about my story and personal recovery, I invite you to check out my podcast called Untoxicated with Matt Salis, author of the blog sober and unashamed.

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Thank you for visiting my site, I look forward to our journey!

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