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Maintaining harmony in intimate relationships is one of life’s greatest challenges. While we may be accomplished in our careers, the tools and skills we employ at work don’t always translate to our relationships. Thus, when we feel disconnected from our partner, we can feel helpless, and this can result in anger, confusion, and loneliness.

Unfortunately, we are not taught relational skills in school.

I teach relational skills that help you out of disconnection and into appreciation, love, and vibrancy.

My passion is helping you achieve the healthy and intimate relationship you deserve – a relationship that helps you up when you’re down, amplifies the positives when things are good, and provides you vitality and confidence to be your best self.

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Investing in Your Relationship

We owe it to ourselves, each other, and our children to be happy. When we’re happy everyone benefits. Couples researcher John Gottman points out that investing in relationship health can reap more rewards than a gym membership: research shows that a healthy relationship can extend one’s lifespan and protect against memory loss.

Even more fundamentally, joyous, loving relationships can confirm our place in the world and make manifest our highest aspirations as human beings. As William Sloane Coffin Jr. says:

The world is too dangerous for anything but truth and too small for anything but love.

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Healthy relationship
My wife Jessica and I have benefited from couples counseling.

Individual Therapy for Relationship Recovery

There’s no arguing that life can be difficult. Everyone needs support, especially since we’re social beings at heart.

Generally, we’re incredibly hard on ourselves, and we don’t trust our ability to handle life on life’s terms. We also have a low threshold for discomfort and pain, and we often attempt to feel better at the expense of getting better. The problem is that such attempts impede our growth as individuals and as relationship partners.

In addition to marriage counseling and couples therapy, I work individually to help you recover a healthy relationship with yourself. My special interests include addiction, relationship issues, affairs, and anxiety.

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