“Create More Time In Connection”

Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy in Denver, Colorado

Maintaining harmony in intimate relationships is one of life’s greatest challenges. While we may be accomplished in our careers, the tools and skills we employ at work don’t always translate to our relationships. Thus, when we feel the pain of disconnection, we feel helpless, and this can result in anger, confusion, and loneliness.

Unfortunately, we are not taught relational skills in school.

I teach relational skills that help you out of disconnection and into appreciation, love, and vibrancy.

I also teach ways to work with the parts of you that, at times, don’t want to be relational.

My passion is helping you achieve the healthy and intimate relationship you deserve – a relationship that helps you up when you’re down, amplifies the positives when things are good, and provides you vitality and confidence to be your best self. A relationship that improves not only your emotional health, but your physical health as well (studies show that those in a healthy relationship live longer).

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About Jason A Polk, LCSW, LAC

My name is Jason A Polk and I’m a relationship coach, counselor and owner of Colorado Relationship Recovery.

My passion is helping couples build thriving relationships.

I’ve been in hopeless places in past relationships. I’ve gone through divorce. I know the hurt of disconnection, the sadness of confusion, whether it’s occurred gradually or suddenly.