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    Yes, you’re in the right place.

    Colorado Relationship Recovery was created on the fact that everyone can have a healthy, loving relationship.

    Let’s be real though, it takes work.

    The founder, Jason Polk, admits that he has had to work at this too.

    That’s why he became a marriage counselor. He wanted to know how to have a healthy relationship.

    Because in the past, he’s sucked at relationships.

    In fact, he’s been divorced.

    Don’t worry, today he’s happily married to his wife Jessica and they have two small children at home.

    His journey and passion to understand how to have a relationship are what Colorado Relationship Recovery is built on.

    Now, Colorado Relationship Recovery consists of four relationship experts dedicated to helping you have a healthy relationship based on respect, love, and appreciation.

    We specialize in Premarital Counseling to relationship on the brink and everything in between.

    We’ve been in business in Denver for almost nine years and we look forward to helping you have a fundamentally cherishing relationship now and into the future!

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