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    Welcome & Who Should I Work With?

    Yes, you’re in the right place.

    All of us at Colorado Relationship Recovery have had our struggles.

    We became couples counselors because we wanted to know how to maintain a healthy relationship.

    We draw on our experience of working through disconnection, our training on how to help, and our passion that informs why we help.

    Colorado Relationship Recovery consists of five relationship experts and we believe everyone deserves to have a healthy and intimate relationship.

    We specialize in premarital Counseling, relationships on the brink, and everything in between.

    We look forward to helping you have a fundamentally cherishing relationship now and into the future!

    We have offices in Denver, Lakewood, and Castle Rock, Colorado.

    Are you confused about who you should work with? This quick quiz below ⬇️ will help!

    Meet our staff

    Brandon Schwartz, MSW, LSW

    Brandon Schwartz, MSW, LSW

    Wednesday evening appointments online are available. Thursday appointments are available online. Friday, Saturday & Sunday appointments are available in person in Denver as well as online.