Relationship Goals: Prioritize Your Relationship

relationship goals

Jason Polk: Hey, what’s up everyone? Jason Polk here again, giving you some coffee shop relationship advice, and full disclosure, that’s actually a kombucha, because I don’t know if you know this, but for us therapist type people, kombucha actually helps us talk about feelings. So I also want to give shout out to Shannon, thanks for the dad mug, and if you want your name dropped on this channel, add a comment, and you’ll get your name dropped right here and you will get a little bit of fame. Speaker 2: Nice. Jason Polk: So I want to talk… Continue Reading This Article

Family Holidays with Your Partner

All right. What’s up, everyone? This is Jason Polk giving you some coffee shop relationship advice. Hold on one sec… I am going to talk about holiday situations but you may be watching this after the holidays and that’s okay. All of this still applies so check it out. Holidays can be stressful. We all know that. We may have a drunk uncle, we may have parents giving us unsolicited parenting advice. So I want to share with you ways that you can manage that in your relationship. So first of all, I want to throw out this principle, is… Continue Reading This Article

Perry from Brighter Vision Interviewed Me on Growing a Private Practice

Perry Rosenbloom from Brighter Visions interviewed me on growing a private practice Perry: In this episode of The Therapist Experience, I’m speaking with Jason Polk from Paramita Counseling. This is The Therapist Experience episode number 25. Welcome to The Therapist Experience. The podcast where we interview successful therapists about what it’s really like starting and growing a private practice. I’m Perry Rosenbloom, the founder of Brighter Vision, and I’m so excited to introduce our guest today Jason Polk from Paramita Counseling. Jason, are you prepared to share your therapist experience? Jason: Yes I am, Perry. Perry: Alright, let me give our audience a little overview of… Continue Reading This Article

Zen, OCD, Fear, and Core-Beliefs

This is a Senior Talk I gave at the Zen Center of Denver of 7/17/16 Written: I have been practicing Zen for approximately 16 years. With this experience, I wanted to share with you some of the things that have worked for me – if we can call it that – and some pitfalls I have fallen in to. In the hopes that you can identify with – or maybe if something resonates with you – you can provide me with some advice or support. On my Zen journey, I have found that fear has been the most prevailing emotion… Continue Reading This Article


“I have found one reliable remedy for the relief of recurrent discomfort and unhappiness.  I have prescribed it for myself and for many other people, with excellent results.  It is regular mindfulness practice.” — Jan Chozen Bays, MD Mindfulness means being aware of the present moment, inside and out, without judgments, thoughts, and preconceptions. Mindfulness is a tool that can help attune us to the present moment and create a more compassionate relationship with ourselves and our suffering. The practice of mindfulness is not for the anxiety to go away and never come back, it is to simply be aware… Continue Reading This Article