Jason A Polk:

Hey, what’s up everyone. Jason A Polk here giving you some quick coffee shop relationship advice. So I want to share with you today the obvious fact that relationships are difficult. Nothing is more difficult on this planet Earth than being in an intimate relationship with someone else. And I want to share with you a framework that I have found helpful to have in the context of our relationships. And that is to view our relationship as a house.

Both partners need to take care of their side of the house. That means simply that all of our behaviors, good and bad, have consequences, and thus we need to be aware of the negative consequences of our behaviors and stop them. And in doing so, we are tending to our side of the house. When both partners are able to do this, then both partners are able to form a home. And a home, that’s where the good stuff happens.

That’s where we’re able to be safe, secure, feel loved, be vibrant. And when we are drawing from that place, that type of relationship, when we’re coming from a home, we’re able to be more effective at our work. We’re able to be more effective as a parent. We’re able to be more effective in whatever we do. So I’m urging you guys to take care of your side of the house and begin to work on a home, and in the upcoming videos, I’m going to help you do so. Thank you so much.

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