• Kayla Crane, MA, MFTC

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    I became inspired to become a marriage and family therapist after 10 years of providing therapeutic services to autistic children.

    When I saw the positive changes that my clients demonstrated, I knew that helping others reach their full potential was my calling.

    After receiving my own personal therapy, my life was changed for the better. This motivated me to return to school to learn to help others in the same way.

    I work with a variety of clients in individual, family, and couple’s therapy. I am EMDR trained and I enjoy assisting with relational issues, anxiety, depression, life changes, and trauma.

    I am here to provide support as well as functional feedback to facilitate clients in reaching their therapeutic goals as well as navigate challenging life events.

    Professionally, I obtained my Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology at National University. I went on to obtain my Master’s of Arts in Counseling Psychology at National University, where I had a dual focus on both Marriage and Family therapy as well as Professional Clinical Counseling. I am prelicenesed as a Marriage and Family Therapist Candidate in the state of Colorado.

    In addition to Couples and Family counseling, I’m now offering EMDR intensives.

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    Contact: Kayla@coloradorelationshiprecovery.com


    Here’s what they’re saying about Kayla:

    Kayla is amazing.

    I was starting to crumble under the stress from my failing relationships and stressful work life. Kayla helped me avoid a downward spiral. 

    I feel like I can really be comfortable opening up to her (and I have a really hard time doing that). Kayla helped me handle stress at work by walking me through coping strategies. 

    Kayla also saved my personal relationships by helping me learn to create boundaries. Plus, she came up with personalized book recommendations that were very insightful. 

    I never felt like I had to explain anything to her as she seems to have a good understanding of a lot of issues like ADHD, childhood trauma, and maintaining relationships. 

    Whether you are looking to work through issues or just have someone who is comforting to talk to, I would definitely recommend Kayla.


    I highly recommend Kayla for any couple or person that has dealt with trauma. 

    Her ability to relate to and engage clients is outstanding. She gives great advice and the right tools to help you stay successful in your daily goals.


    Kayla is a wonderful therapist. We’ve worked together in the past and I often refer clients to her for couples therapy. She is clearly passionate about helping others. She is easy to talk to and offers a warm, caring environment. I highly recommend Kayla.