• Brandon Schwartz, MSW, LSW

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    Brandon Schwartz, MSW, LSW

    I have a Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado, a Master’s in Social Work from Metropolitan State University of Denver, and am a Licensed Social Worker.

    In addition, I attended Denver Family Institute receiving training and a certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy.

    I am passionate about working with couples—both those that may just be beginning their years together or those with already many years together—who are wishing to shift out of disconnection and disharmony, to foster the intimacy, passion, unity, and harmony each partner desires within the relationship.

    Being in connection with another and learning, choosing each day to live a truly healthy relational life is just that, a commitment of choice.

    Yet, this choice does not come without work. As a fellow traveler in this human experience, as another person also doing that work—also continually striving to be and do better within my own intimate and personal relationships—

    I can genuinely say shifting out from disharmony into relational health, to foster the relationship that you and your partner desires, can be done.

    Beginning this work and starting your relationship’s journey into the commitment of living a relationally healthy life, means beginning the work of being both the creator and creation of a relationally healthy life.

    By beginning this work together with me, it is my hope your relationship can become the vessel in which you can heal yourself and take ownership of “what can I do, to help shape our relationship into something better?”, and together we will do the work to try to make it so.

    Please feel free to reach out below to set up a free consultation!

    I’m available Friday online, Saturday & Sundays in person in Denver.


    Brandon is a colleague of mine, and I can attest to his skills as a couples therapist. He uses Relational Therapy to help partners understand each other and communicate in a new way. He would be a wonderful choice for any couple looking to improve their relationship.

    Anna K

    Brandon, one of the clinicians in this practice, is an amazing provider who creates a warm and affirming environment for clients! He is knowledgeable, kind, and such an AWESOME asset to his client’s mental health journeys! I have learned so much from him as a colleague in seeing him work! 🙂

    Josephine A.G.

    Brandon is such a compassionate and kind therapist. He is very knowledgeable able relationships and couples!

    Victoria A

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