• Jason Polk, LCSW, LAC

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    My name is Jason Polk and I’m a relationship counselor, coach and owner of Colorado Relationship Recovery.

    My passion is helping couples build harmonious, thriving relationships.

    I’ve been in hopeless places in past relationships. I’ve gone through divorce. I know the hurt of disconnection, the sadness of confusion, whether it’s occurred gradually or suddenly.

    These painful experiences with relationships in my own past have motivated me to help couples avoid similar anguish.

    I’m a lifelong learner and I’ve studied and trained with internationally known relationship therapists such as Stan Tatkin and Terry Real.

    I’m a Level II PACT (psychobiological approach to couple therapy) therapist, I’m certified in RLT (relational life therapy) and I’m a certified Clini-Coach®.

    In addition, I’m certified by the Healing Our Core Issues Institute (HOCII) and I’m a featured therapist on the Healing Trauma Network.

    What does that mean to you?

    Basically, I’ve spent a lot of money and time learning how to effectively help you have the relationship you want!

    During my journey towards relational health, I’ve been able to reflect on things I’ve done wrong. I’ve also been fortunate enough to learn from these missteps and put my relationship first.

    Now that I’m happily married, I believe that if motivated, anyone can have a thriving relationship. Basically, if I can do it, so can you!

    Want to know more about my personal journey of relational recovery? Read Relational Heroism and Revising the Family Playbook.

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    A recent interview from Authority Magazine

    The subject of the interview was authenticity and vulnerability. I hope it can provide you some value. 

    “We learn that we’re OK. If we practice authenticity and vulnerability, we learn that it’s through our imperfections that we find connection. In other words, we’re not broken, we’re human.” 

    Featured in Brainz.

    3 Common Childhood Factors That Create Inflated Self-Esteem In Adults

    No one is born inherently better than or less than anyone else. We all have inherent worth that fundamentally can’t be added to or taken away from. If we have inflated or deflated self-esteem, it’s a product of our environment.

    The Podcast!

    I’m always looking for answers and ways to have a harmonious and passionate relationship while being great parents.

    I interview relationship experts and I share things I’ve learned as well!