counseling for men

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Hey, what’s up everyone? Jason Polk here, relationship counselor and expert, coming to you with a quick PSA for men.

So us men, we are great at providing. It is wired in us to be a provider.

However, what I urge us to do is to be more than just a provider, to be emotionally available and to be interested in our partner’s life.

And, so you know what happens when we don’t, when we don’t do these things? It’ll create resentments for our partner. And these resentments will come back to us in some manner, whether that our partner is arguing with us more. Our partner’s being more passive-aggressive, or our partner is withholding something from us.

So, I urge us to be more emotionally available, to be interested in our partner’s emotions and life. And, also, to treat our partners as an equal because you know what happens when we do?

We will benefit.

We will gain.

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