• Premarital Counseling

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    If you’re inquiring about premarital counseling, we commend you.

    Relationships are not easy. Especially if we don’t have agreements and frameworks on how to effectively communicate and manage differences.

    Partners in successful marriages know themselves, each other, and where they’re headed in the relationship. That’s what we help you two with.

    We start with the Prepare/Enrich assessment which is the gold standard for premarital couples. This assessment highlights areas of strength, as well as identifies areas of growth. All couples have areas of growth, and part of our sessions will be using tools to work on those specific areas.

    Before we work together, we also recommend and encourage taking our free premarital attachment quiz. If you click this link, you’ll be able to take the free quiz that helps premarital couples understand how they’re wired in terms of reflexes for connection and space. Understanding adult attachment can help you two avoid the root of reoccurring conflict.

    What skills will we get out of it?

    The Prepare/Enrich assessment will give you two tools specific to your areas of growth. You’ll also have the space to work on them in sessions, gaining confidence to use them when it really counts.

    Colorado Relationship Recovery also believes in helping partners feel comfortable giving feedback to each other. Let’s face it, we’re human and we’re not perfect. We’re going to need to give feedback to our partner some times. The framework we use is called the Feedback Wheel, which helps couples really hear and understand each other when giving feedback.

    How often and long are premarital sessions?

    What we’ve seen to be the most effective is when couples engage in two 90-min sessions. This seems to be the sweet spot for working on and addressing growth areas, using tools, and laying the foundation for relationship health.

    How much are the sessions?

    Our premarital counseling expert and Prepare/Enrich facilitator, Hannah Froehlich offers two 90-min sessions for $497.

    What will we get out of the sessions?

    You will get the results from the Prepare/Enrich assessment which is based on over 35 years of research. It’s designed to get you two thinking and obviously talking about your relationship. Hannah will guide you through your customized results and she’ll teach you the skills and tools to maintain harmony and to work through and avoid future conflict.

    Why work with us?

    Colorado Relationship Recovery has close to ten years of helping couples create connection, passion and understanding in their relationships. We know what successful couples do.

    Our premarital counseling expert, Hannah Froehlich is a trained facilitator and has a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

    We wish to help you two provide the foundation for relationship health!

    Contact Hannah: hannah@coloradorelationshiprecovery.com