Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling can prevent future divorce.

I provide individualized, in-office premarital counseling. I draw on several relationship models and one is the prepare/enrich curriculum created specifically for premarital couples. Before our first session, I will send you the prepare/enrich assessment that highlights strengths and areas of growth to inform some of our work together.

I also draw on my own relationship quiz that is based on attachment science. Understanding you and your partner’s attachment style can go a long way in fostering understanding and empathy.

In addition to being a prepare/enrich facilitator, I’m a formally trained marriage counselor and couples therapist. I apply this experience to premarital sessions as I daily see and experience relationship principles that work.

In-office premarital counseling is valuable as it provides the space for you to practice skills that will enhance your ways of relating.

Area of focus in our premarital sessions:

  • Strengths and areas of growth
  • Shared principles and values
  • Addressing potential deal breakers
  • Relationship fears of vulnerabilities
  • Understanding your attachment styles
  • Increasing empathy
  • Vulnerability as means of connecting and repairing
  • Futurizing your relationship, drafting your mission statement

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Never get tired of doing little things for your partner. Sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their heart. — John Gottman