Online Relationship Course

Create the relationship you want: Without leaving your home

There’s no denying that relationships are difficult. Nothing is more challenging than maintaining a space of love, trust and acceptance. When we inevitably fall short of this, we end up in what I call “the predicament.” The predicament is when we’re face to face with the frustration and disillusionment of not experiencing what we’ve hoped for in our relationship.

Our culture promotes the notion of unending love and “happily ever after.” However, it doesn’t teach and support us in getting there.

Consequently, we need guidance and support in creating the relationship that we want.

With over 1000 + hours of helping couples move back into connection, Jason A Polk has created an online course to help you have the relationship you want without leaving your home.

This course is more than just talking in front of the camera. Highly trained actors (not really, just Jason & Jessica) demonstrate the principles and tools taught to bring the lessons to life. This course also contains engaging exercises guaranteed to increase connection.

In this course you will:

  • Understand healthy relationship framework
  • Identify your relationship goals with your partner
  • Acknowledge what’s good
  • Understand what keeps us stuck and disconnected
  • Understand where we learned such losing strategies
  • Understand the concept of Relational Mindfulness
  • Learn and practice communication tools
  • Understand attachment theory & where you and your partner are on that continuum.
  • Learn and practice exercises that create connection.

Course Reviews:

  • “This helps you gain knowledge, peacefully express yourself, learn about your partner, and also get a little insight on Jason’s personal life. He uses real-world examples and recreates (sometimes hilariously) situations he has had with his wife. Through this, we learn better ways to reply and converse with our partner depending on our communicative styles (I personally have what is called “unbridled” speech, which is; if I don’t take the time to walk away or think, I say something blunt or rude). These videos and exercises help teach us to adapt. I like that Jason doesn’t often use the words “right or wrong” when talking about conflict management. Rather he talks about a “better” way to go about things. That’s the reason we are all pursuing relationship advice/therapy, to be better to each other.” – G.T. Omaha, NE
  • “Jason has created a wonderful course for relationship health and maintenance. It’s a great tool to feel more connected to your partner and to create a stronger bond!” N.J. Golden, CO