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It is actually a person’s rough edges and human imperfections that give others something to connect with. — Dr. Glover

no more Mr. Nice GuyAs a male therapist and man who could have benefited from therapy in my 20s, I have an affinity for males who make it into my office. I didn’t make it to therapy until I was into my 30s. I was under the impression that therapy is for people who can’t handle life on their own.

The funny thing is, no one can handle life on their own. We are social creatures and we immensely benefit when we are able to confide in and share our struggles with supportive people. If I had gone to therapy in my 20s, I would have avoided a lot of unnecessary suffering.

Although the attitude of rugged individualism and self-reliance is good in many aspects, holding to the idea of being a rock or an island goes against our human nature. We are able to regulate our emotions within the presence of someone we feel connected to. We are able to be seen, validated and supported when we share our struggles with supportive others. Also, we are better able to receive feedback from people we know are in our corner.

As a male therapist working with men in my office, I have gravitated to Dr. Robert Glover’s work with Nice Guy recovery. His book, No More Mr. Nice Guy was recommended to me after my divorce. At first, I brushed the book aside as not applicable to me. However, upon seeing men with similar struggles that I have faced, I picked up the book again and it has really resonated with me and some of my male clients.

Some of the highlights of Dr. Glover’s work are:

  • Be authentic
  • People are attracted to authenticity, not perfection
  • Don’t live how you think others what you to be, live how you want to be
  • Set boundaries
  • Stop avoiding conflict at all costs
  • Face fears
  • Shame is not a healthy motivator

My passion is helping people live authentically and unapologetically. This does not mean being a jerk. However, you don’t have to apologize for living the life you want. Life is more enjoyable when you are not living up to other people’s standards or in ways you think people want you to be.

I enjoy helping men reach their full potential. As well as helping men with issues related to relationships and sex.

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