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    Does your brain ever stop going, going, going?

    Even when we’re finished with work, obligations, and tasks for the day, it’s still so hard to just be present. It’s become a way of life in our society and is often considered the norm. How do we change this?


    It’s hard. Often, when I encourage meditation I get the same response- “I can’t meditate, my brain keeps thinking about other stuff when I’m trying to focus.”

    That’s the nature of our minds, to think! The reason meditation is referred to as a “practice” is because it’s an ongoing practice to help your brain learn to pause.

    Every time you redirect your mind from what it’s thinking about back to the breath or meditation object, it’s an accomplishment.

    It’s strengthening that skill, to be able to redirect and pull yourself out of those constant thoughts.

    I used to give the same response when I was encouraged to meditate. Then, someone suggested for me to begin with 2 minutes of guided meditation daily and she even promised I would see results in 10 days.

    So I tried.

    I went on YouTube and searched for “2-minute guided meditation”. In each 2-minute practice, my brain probably needed to be redirected 100 times. It was really hard!

    But she was right.

    I began seeing a difference. And after those 10 days (with continued daily practice), the benefits continued. I was better able to redirect from my frequent anxious thoughts.

    I was able to wait a split second longer before reacting, allowing me time to think about my actions. I was a better listener. I was more present with my kids. I felt better about myself.

    For me, this was a miracle.

    After experiencing severe anxiety from a young age, I didn’t know much different.

    Learning to be able to pull myself out of those almost constant anxious thoughts was truly life changing.

    I gradually increased the length of time I would practice and it kept getting better. I can honestly say meditation has been one of the most useful tools I’ve ever had to improve my mental health.

    Give it a try! At least for 10 days. See what happens.

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