• CRAFT Support Group in Denver

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    Free Support Group in Denver and Online

    Is your loved one struggling with addiction?

    Would you like support and tools to help you navigate through this?

    Perhaps you’ve tried Al-Anon and it wasn’t your thing.

    If so, you could benefit from our free CRAFT group which is a free support group in Denver. The CRAFT curriculum was created to support family members who have a loved one facing addiction and substance abuse issues.

    CRAFT stands for Community Reinforcement and Family Training.

    The group is a community of other family members who have a loved one struggling with addiction or substance use.

    At its core, the group is a venue to provide healthy support to one another because we can feel alone in dealing with this issue.

    We may feel shame and embarrassment and so we avoid sharing what’s going on with our friends or other family members.

    We may also be worried about how our loved (the one drinking or using) will react if they know they’re being talked about, and so we have a tendency to keep it inside.

    This group provides space.

    It also provides validation and support making it so you’re not alone.

    Our CRAFT group will also provide you with tools, so you’ll know ways to communicate with your loved while avoiding nagging, pleading, and threatening.

    Another goal of our group is to have your loved one enter treatment and in the interim, have them reduce their use of alcohol or drugs.

    It’s been documented that those who pursue treatment for alcohol or drugs often do so as a result of healthy pressure from their family or friends.

    Lastly, a major goal of the group is to have you feel support to make positive life changes benefiting your self-esteem and overall functioning regardless of whether your loved one enters treatment or not.

    CRAFT is an evidence-based group that has been shown to be effective in supporting family members (increases in well-being documented before and after), and in having their loved ones decrease their use and enter treatment.

    And lastly, do you know what’s the best part of this group?


    Our organization has been fortunate be a part of the Federal grant to prevent and reduce substance use and we feel very fortunate that we can provide this service to you!

    Our current group is meeting on Mondays at 12:o0 pm – 1:00 pm (Mountain Time) online. Reach out for the Zoom link to the group.

    The group is currently facilitated by Jason Polk who is a Licensed Addiction Counselor and experienced Couples Therapist.

    For more information reach out at: contact@coloradorelationshiprecovery or 303-217-2658