• Couples Therapy Versus Marriage Counseling: What’s the Difference?

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    Couples Therapy Versus Marriage Counseling: What’s the Difference?

    There is no difference.

    As someone who calls themselves a couples therapist or marriage counselor, I see them as the same thing.

    The distinction could be made if the couple is officially married or not.

    For example, if the couple is not married, technically, it’s couples therapy. If they’re married, let’s call it marriage counseling.

    If you two are in a committed relationship, our approach is the same

    Also, the terms therapy and counseling are interchangeable.

    What differentiates them from the distinction of “coaching,” for example, “couples coaching,” is that a therapist or counselor may discuss your family of origin with you two.

    For example, where does that behavior come from? More specifically:

    • Who did that to you?
    • Who did you see do that?
    • Or who did you do that to, and no one stopped you?

    These questions provide insight and empathy when you know where specific reactions originate, and they also highlight the maladaptive behavior you specifically need to work on.

    The benefit of therapy and counseling is that a therapist can also provide coaching.

    As marriage counselors, a large part of our work is couples coaching. We help you with your knee-jerk reactions and then coach you on what to do next – something that benefits the relationship.

    For example, we coach couples on communicating where it’s a win-win.

    We coach couples on the use of time-outs.

    We coach couples on how to get more love in their relationship.

    And we will talk about your family of origin when appropriate.

    Fundamentally, couples therapy and marriage counseling will help you two have more peace and resolve conflict.

    And essentially, they are the same thing.

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