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    Are you and your partner not seeing eye to eye?

    Perhaps you’re drifting apart instead of coming together.

    If either of these cases sounds all too familiar, consider couples counseling with the compassionate team at Colorado Relationship Recovery.

    We help you avoid divorce, breakups, and the pain of disconnection.

    Disconnection and disharmony hurt.

    Our couples therapists have years of experience guiding couples past disconnection to a relationship with peace, vitality, and collaboration.

    We help you understand deeper patterns that may fuel the disconnection and provide insight into their origins.

    We also help you have more harmony and connection. For example,

    “What makes you and your partner feel loved?”

    We will help you and your partner have more love.

    We want to show you why residents throughout Lakewood turn to us for couples counseling.

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    We Believe Everyone Deserves a Healthy Relationship

    We don’t know about you, but we didn’t learn much about healthy relationships. We don’t remember learning about how to communicate or any communication tools.

    Communication Tools

    We guide you two to healthy communication and teach communication tools to get through to each other. 

    Understanding Each Other

    We help you two have a deeper understanding of each other and any common patterns or negative cycles you two get in. 


    Nothing is more life-affirming than a healthy relationship. 

    When our relationship has love and passion, we have more confidence. 

    When to Seek Couples Therapy

    Recognizing the right time to seek help is crucial in nurturing a healthy partnership. Here are some situations that might indicate the need for couples counseling:

    • Communication breakdowns
    • Emotional distancing
    • Trust issues
    • Intimacy concerns
    • Life transitions, especially for new parents, or parents with special needs children
    • Infidelity
    • Differing goals and values

    Our Expertise & Tailored Approach

    Couples counseling isn’t just about resolving conflicts; it’s about fostering growth and resilience in your relationship.

    When you turn to us for help, our therapists will equip you and your partner with the tools and strategies to help you face future challenges together.

    We customize each couple’s counseling session to your needs so you can feel confident we will address your concerns head-on. We want to support and guide you in the best way possible.

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    Whether you’re married, dating, engaged, or in any committed partnership, couples counseling at Colorado Relationship Recovery is a positive step forward.

    Reach out to our Lakewood, CO team today and begin your journey toward a happier, healthier relationship.

    Be that passionate couple that truly gets through to each other!

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