• Couples Intensive

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    One or Two-Day Couples Intensives

    You’re busy.

    You don’t have a lot of time.

    You want to give your relationship everything you can.

    You want to give each other the best chance.

    You know the current disconnection and disharmony isn’t sustainable and healthy.

    Jason offers couples intensives and marriage retreats to transform your relationship.

    We believe you deserve a healthy relationship for yourself, your family, and your community. 

    Our culture isn’t always pro-relationship, and often, our relationship doesn’t get the attention it needs to thrive.

    Studies show that when you have a healthy relationship, your memory improves, and you live longer.

    What is a One-Day Intensive?

    A one-day intensive is a day to identify the source of the disconnection and to give you two a plan to spend less time there. 

    It’s meant to provide space to repair any past hurts and for you two to have confidence in repairing disconnection or conflict when it arises. 

    The program will help you better understand each other, where specific behaviors and reflexes may come from, and how to make more pro-relationship moves.

    We will also focus on how you two will create more harmony, connection, and appreciation for each other. 

    For example, what makes you and your partner feel loved, and how will you implement more connection and love moving forward?

    You two will leave with agreements and a roadmap for more harmony and connection. 

    Why Couples Intensives and Marriage Retreats?

    Because you want transformation.

    You want to have relationship tools.

    You want to have agreements on how to avoid disconnection and conflict.

    You need space to repair past hurts.

    You want to know how to regain love.

    You want to increase passion and intimacy.

    You want to be that passionate couple that gets through to each other!

    Two-day Option

    Our two-day couple intensive program focuses on learning how your family of origin shows up in the relationship today. 

    The first day is described above.

    On the second day, we will discuss each of your upbringings in the presence of each other using a DART assessment. (More information about this assessment can be shared in the consult call.)

    This can be a powerful and moving experience for couples. 

    You will also have the space to begin working with the parts of yourself that do not wish to use relationship tools.

    A little about the guide

    Jason has guided couples through disconnection to connection for over a decade. 

    He believes in the transformative power of intensives and retreats, which occur when partners dedicate their time, energy, and focus to getting better.  

    • He’s an RLT-certified couples therapist and trained in PACT as well. 

    • He’s received certification from the Healing Our Core Issues Institute, which has informed much of his family of origin work. 



    One-Day Intensive Program $2,400

    • One-day Intensive and four follow-up sessions with email support. 

    Two-Day Intensive Program $6,800

    • Two-day Intensive and up to a year of monthly follow-up sessions if needed.  


    What past clients have to say…

    We learned more in one weekend with you than we did in two years with our other counselor.  We definitely learned that talk therapy alone was not enough and really appreciate your approach with usable techniques to release negativity to make space and time for a more positive and loving relationship.


    My husband and I recently attended Jason’s Relationship Recovery Day. It was a great experience!  He really helped us make a deep reconnection that we felt was lacking. He is friendly, empathetic, knowledgeable, and was a joy to work with. Jason also has a good sense of humor which made the day even better. He’s a great listener and had us do some really cool exercises that strengthened our relationship. We will definitely continue to see Jason from now on. He’s great at what he does!
    If you are looking for a marriage therapist, or just wanting a tune-up, I highly recommend Jason. We have seen other therapists before and none of them are as skilled as he is. His exercises he had us do, and his ability to get to the heart of issues is amazing. We didn’t get lost in the weeds. I wish we would have found him years ago!  We are so grateful to have found him now and for the future.
    Thanks Jason!  We are looking forward to more great experiences you have brought our relationship.

    Merrie A

    My partner and I had a great experience going to Jason. We were on the verge of splitting up, and he helped us work through the issues we were having. He helped us understand our styles and personalities, and what we both needed to be happy in the relationship. I also didn’t feel like he took sides – he gave us both opportunities to speak. I highly recommend Jason – he is super chill, kind, and easy to talk to!

    Caroline B