• Couples Intensive

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    Are you at:

    • At a crossroads with your partner and experiencing significant problems?
    • Do you need help now and don’t have time for multiple couples therapy sessions to get results?

    The purpose of the intensive is to get back on track relationally and to arm you with relational tools.

    They are designed to help you understand what’s wrong, how to fix it, and to highlight and expand what you’re doing right.

    During the intensive, I will help you understand the crux of your issues and help you understand each other.

    I will also help you work with the parts of you (more in the Two-day intensive) that don’t want to be relational at times.

    One-day Basic Schedule

    9:30 am – 12:30 pm:

    • Ground rules and participate wishes

    • Background: what drew you two together in the first place, how long you’ve been together, and brief overview of n

    • Goals: “If you two were to leave today and think, ‘That was a great day’ what would we have accomplished?

    • What areas of intimacy really resonate for you and what would you especially like more of?

    Emotional connection. Sharing vulnerability aka “What’s really real.”

    Physical connection. Sharing touch, handholding, hugging and cuddling.

    Sexual connection. Giving and receiving erotic pleasure and touch

    Spiritual connection. Existential sharing as well as religion and higher power

    Intellectual connection. Sharing thoughts, questions, insights and politics (in a friendly way)

    • Identify negative cycles and patterns and what you can do to get out of them.

    • Where do certain stances and losing strategies come from?

    • Working with the parts of you that at times, does not want to be relational or use tools.

    1:45 pm – 4 pm:

    • Building positive cycles. What makes your partner feel loved or at ease?

    • What are some of your partner’s vulnerabilities?

    • Practicing relationship tools such as Time Outs, vulnerability, Feedback Wheel.

    Envisioning the future.

    • Where do you two want to be in the future?

    • What do you want your kids saying about your relationship when they are older!

    Two-day Basic Schedule (Optional)

    The first day is the same as above and the second day we’ll have the option to explore how your family of origin shows up presently in your relationship

    Or, some couples like to keep more of the focus present day and use this day to continue to practice  the tools. :

    Why talk about family of origin and growing up in the context of our relationship?

    Our parents were our first relationship school. They taught us what connection and autonomy mean and our basic reflexes come from here.

    Another reason is for empathy. Empathy for yourself and empathy for your partner, I’ve found it powerful to explore this in the context of your relationship together.

    Lastly, it’s to help you work with the younger parts of you that at times don’t wish to be relational.

    Before the Two-Day Intensive you will be sent the Developmental and Relational Trauma Assessment (DART) developed by the Healing Our Core Issues Institute (HOCI) that will be completed prior.

    Here’s an exampale of the optional second day, all exercises will be done in the presence of each other.

    9:30 am – 12:30 pm

    • Partner 1, Individual debriefing session with your DART assessment. During this time, you will continue the process of getting your story straight.

    • Partner 2. Individual debriefing session with our DART assessment

    Summary, how does this come up today?

    1:45 pm – 4 pm.

    • Compassionate meeting with the inner-child part of you.

    • Gentle summary of our work together.


    What past clients have to say…

    My partner and I had a great experience going to Jason. We were on the verge of splitting up, and he helped us work through the issues we were having. He helped us understand our styles and personalities, and what we both needed to be happy in the relationship. I also didn’t feel like he took sides – he gave us both opportunities to speak. I highly recommend Jason – he is super chill, kind, and easy to talk to!

    Caroline B

    My husband and I recently attended Jason’s Relationship Recovery Day. It was a great experience!  He really helped us make a deep reconnection that we felt was lacking. He is friendly, empathetic, knowledgeable, and was a joy to work with. Jason also has a good sense of humor which made the day even better. He’s a great listener and had us do some really cool exercises that strengthened our relationship. We will definitely continue to see Jason from now on. He’s great at what he does!
    If you are looking for a marriage therapist, or just wanting a tune-up, I highly recommend Jason. We have seen other therapists before and none of them are as skilled as he is. His exercises he had us do, and his ability to get to the heart of issues is amazing. We didn’t get lost in the weeds. I wish we would have found him years ago!  We are so grateful to have found him now and for the future.
    Thanks Jason!  We are looking forward to more great experiences you have brought our relationship.

    Merrie A

    A little about me

    I’ve been in hopeless places in past relationships. I’ve gone through a divorce. I know the hurt of disconnection and the sadness of confusion.

    I’m a lifelong learner and in addition to HOCII certification, I’ve studied and trained with internationally known relationship therapists such as Stan Takin and Terry Real.

    I’m a Level II PACT (psychobiological approach to couple therapy) therapist, and I’m certified in RLT (relational life therapy).

    Basically, this means that I’ve spent a lot or money and time learning how to effectively help couples.

    I’m happily married now, and I want to help you two get there.


    Interested in a One-Day or Two-Day Intensive?

    Two-day Intensive $4000 (with 2, 1-hr follow up sessions) – limited to 1 slot per month

    One-day Intensive $2200 (with 2, 1-hr follow up sessions) – limited to 2 slots per month

    Reach out: intensives@coloradorelationshiprecovery.com

    Set up a time below to see if an intensive is a good fit for you two!