Counseling for Couples

I know how painful relationship problems can be, I have been divorced. Disconnection hurts, whether it’s occurred over time, or has occurred suddenly by the discovery of an infidelity or a betrayal.

After my divorce, I decided I wanted to help couples avoid such experiences. Already being a therapist, I sought training in the psychobiological approach to couple therapy (PACT), and I have continued training in the relational life therapy (RLT) model.

counseling for couples
My wife Jessica and I have done our own couples therapy.

Helping couples is my vocation and passion.

I was far from being a relational pro in my previous relationships. But now I believe everyone can recover and have a healthy, intimate relationship.

Who among us doesn’t want to feel loved? — Stan Tatkin

Since we are social beings, we are wired to seek a secure connection. When our relationship is functioning from a place of security and mutuality, intimacy has space to grow. Since we are most vulnerable in our intimate relationship, we need such security in order to be at ease and to deeply connect. Strong, healthy relationships have been shown to be a protective factor for our memory and overall health.

Counseling for couples helps with problems resulting from:

Frame of Sessions

Q: How long does couple therapy take?

A: That depends on you two. However, I operate within a frame of longer sessions. For high-conflict couples or for couples on the brink of divorce, an initial 3-hour session is recommended. If you are uncertain if this is your relationship, call me or set up a free 15-minute phone consultation.

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For couples who may not be experiencing an immediate crisis, but are committed to building a better relationship, an initial 2-hour session is recommended.

I work in the context of longer sessions so couples don’t have to wait 2-3 weeks to start experiencing significant results. Longer sessions provide the frame to get positive momentum sooner so couples can experience hope quicker.

I also offer couple intensives, please inquire if you wish to meet for a 5-hour session broken up by lunch.

When couples are on the road to secure-functioning, I offer subsequent 1-hour sessions for tune-ups.

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Published by the PACT Institute

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