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  • Counseling for Couples

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    Marriage Counseling Services Near Greenwood Village, CO

    We help you move from disconnection to harmony and intimacy.

    Disconnection can come in different forms, whether it’s feeling like roommates or co-parents. To constant fighting and conflict while threatening break-ups or divorce.

    Or perhaps you two are in between those and experience frequent judgment and constant nitpicking.

    You two have spent less time collaborating and sharing intimacy, and you know another way is possible.

    We help you two understand the nature and root of your disconnection and guide you through it to intimacy.

    Disconnection is the common enemy, and in every session, we will evaluate our progress on how this has improved.

    We provide a personalized roadmap while guiding you on how to Repair and create Harmony again.

    We are not interested in unstructured couple therapy. We work fast to help you two start experiencing results.

    Our entire staff is trained in Relational Life Therapy (RLT), which has been shown to help couples experience lasting change, swift results, and dramatic transformations.

    When we experience less disconnection and more intimacy, we feel alive, hopeful, and confident again.

    A cool study (link to YouTube video) shows that those with a strong relationship live longer and experience less memory loss.

    The results of that study contribute to why we do what we do.

    counseling for couples

    How long and how frequent are the sessions?

    Our initial sessions are either 2 hours or 1.5 hours long. That gives us enough time to get momentum going in the right direction. Subsequent sessions are usually every other week for 1.5 hours or 1 hour.

    How do we work together?

    1) The first step is to set up a free consultation with a therapist on our team. In this call, we’ll be able to understand what motivated you to reach out and your relationship goals.

    2) We set up our initial appointment to continue understanding the nature of your disconnection and then give you a personalized roadmap towards more connection.

    3) Implement the plan and follow up on the progress. Start to experience more connection and intimacy!

    4) Achieve your relationship goals.

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    What our clients have to say

    “Brandon is such a warm and caring therapist! My husband and I were a little nervous to start couples counseling, but Brandon’s compassion helped us reach a safe and vulnerable space where we could engage in the work. 

    Brandon has helped my husband and I repair and reconnect within our relationship, and we are now working toward a stronger and healthier partnership. 

    With Brandon’s patience and tough-but-fair approach to counseling, we have made so much growth together since our first session, and we are so thankful for Brandon!”

    – M.M 

    “My husband and I attended Jason’s relationship recovery sessions and it was such a game changer for us. It helped us make a deep connection, which was so needed during that time of crisis. Jason is an excellent therapist. 

    He gives great counsel and is a great listener. His techniques in helping my husband and I move forward and find healthy ways to communicate and compromise are invaluable.Jason also has a great sense of humor and is very easy to chat with. 

    We have monthly meetings to keep things in healthy balance. It’s been a long time searching for a good therapist for us and we couldn’t be happier with jason!  

    I highly recommend any services he offers. He’s an incredible therapist and we feel so lucky to have found him!”

    – M.A. – Denver

    “Kayla is amazing.I was starting to crumble under stress from my failing relationships and stressful work life. 

    Kayla helped me avoid a downward spiral.I feel like I can really be comfortable opening up to her (and I have a really hard time doing that). 

    Kayla helped me handle stress at work by walking me through coping strategies. 

    Kayla also saved my personal relationships by helping me learn to create boundaries. Plus, she came up with personalized book recommendations that were very insightful. I never felt like I had to explain anything to her as she seems to have a good understanding of a lot of issues like ADHD, childhood trauma, and maintaining relationships.

    Whether you are looking to work through issues or just have someone who is comforting to talk to, I would definitely recommend Kayla.”

    – O.L.

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