• Counseling for Couples

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    Counseling for Couples

    Most likely you want to have:

    • A healthy relationship.

    • Healthy tools to manage conflict.

    • Better communication and more intimacy.

    ➡️ Welcome, this is what we do! ⬅️

    We help couples move from disharmony and disconnection to harmony and passion.

    We also help you know how to Repair so you can move back into Harmony.

    And we help you two know the deeper patters of your disharmony, and will give the roadmap to avoid it.

    We’re not interested in unstructured couple therapy for months and months, we work fast to help you two start experiencing results.

    Our entire staff is trained in Relational Life Therapy (RLT) which has been show to help couples experience lasting change, swift results, and dramatic transformations.

    In addition to working on negative cycles of interactions, we will help you two create more Harmony and Connection.

    When we experience this, we feel alive. Natural annoyances are not as loud and we feel as if nothing can get in our way. We also model a healthy relationship for our kids – if we have them.

    There’s also a cool study (link to YouTube video) that shows that those who have strong relationship live longer and experience less memory loss. We look forward to helping you experience that!

    counseling for couples

    How long and how frequent are the sessions?

    Our initial sessions are either 2-hours or 1.5-hours long. That gives us enough time to get the momentum going in the right direction. Subsequent sessions are usually every other week for 1.5-hours or 1-hour.

    Read what past clients have said:

    “If you are looking for a marriage therapist, or just wanting a tune-up, I highly recommend Jason. We have seen other therapists before and none of them are as skilled as he is. His exercises he had us do, and his ability to get to the heart of issues is amazing. We didn’t get lost in the weeds. I wish we would have found him years ago!  We are so grateful to have found him now and for the future.” 

    “Kayla is a wonderful therapist. We’ve worked together in the past and I often refer clients to her for couples therapy. She is clearly passionate about helping others. She is easy to talk to and offers a warm, caring environment. I highly recommend Kayla.”

    “My partner and I had a great experience going to Jason. We were on the verge of splitting up, and he helped us work through the issues we were having. He helped us understand our styles and personalities, and what we both needed to be happy in the relationship. I also didn’t feel like he took sides – he gave us both opportunities to speak. I highly recommend Jason – he is super chill, kind, and easy to talk to!”

    “Jason – you were incredible! Thanks for an extremely productive visit.”

    “The approach was great.”

    “Jason is highly trained in cutting-edge methods to guide couples who are struggling to keep their relationship together. Both of us were equally comfortable with his ability to listen to each of us with sensitivity. We were fortunate to find him at just the right time.”

    “Jason I really like you and your approach and I will be happy to refer you in the future. Thank you for your help.”

    “Thank you so much for all of your help, humor, and advice and we will definitely be in touch if we start reverting to our old habits or just feel the need for a tune up.” 

    “We really enjoyed meeting with you, and found it very helpful!”

    “Good meeting tonight. Things are good, we’re moving in a really good direction. We both want to give you a huge thank you.” 

    “We have felt so much closer since working with you.” 

    “Jason has been extremely helpful to me in working through some very difficult challenges in which the stakes are very very high.”

    “If it wasn’t for your help, we’d be divorced.”