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If you prefer e-mail correspondence/consultation, my e-mail is: jason@coloradorelationshiprecovery.com


1777 S. Bellaire St. Ste 460
Denver, CO 80222


  • 3-hour initial couple therapy session $405
  • 2-hour couple therapy session $270
  • 1-hour couple therapy session $150
  • 1-hour individual therapy session $120


  • I can provide an out-of-network receipt for reimbursement for work with both couples and individuals.
  • I accept HSA/FSA card payments.
  • Q: Why don’t you accept in-network insurance?
  • A: I have thought a lot about this question. I have accepted in-network insurance in the past and I feel it’s not a win-win for me and clients. I feel insurance does not compensate therapists enough for their time and impact on the life of clients. I also had trouble having to diagnose clients in order to get reimbursed. This diagnosis may stick around for life, and may not be or remain completely accurate due to the complex nature of human existence.