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  • A Quick Relationship Hack That Can Save You A Headache

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    I got a quick relationship hack that can save you a headache.

    How about focusing on each other’s strengths?

    I got this idea reading one of Dean Graziosi’s book called Millionaire Success Habits.

    Of a noteworthy habit, Dean talks about not focusing on fixing your personal weaknesses.

    For example, maybe you’re not a very organized person. He says don’t waste time trying to become an inherently more organized person, instead hire someone to help you with that.

    Then, if you do this, you can focus on your personal strengths and be more effective as well as happier.

    The same goes for your partner. Don’t spend time focusing on their weaknesses.

    For example, maybe they’re not as clean as you.

    Don’t try to get them to become an inherently cleaner person. It’s a losing strategy and you’ll end up frustrated. They’ll also end up resenting you for your constant judgment.

    I see this a lot, trust me.

    So the question is, what does your partner do well? Reflect on that and support them, and be grateful for what they do well.

    If there’s something you do well, keep doing it, and see if your partner can support you even more in it.

    Imagine a relationship where you two focused on each other’s strengths and had acceptance of each other’s weaknesses…

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